The City University of New York and the City University Construction Fund are creating opportunities for Minority, Women and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses. This year’s conference captures CUNY and CUCF’s philosophy of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work, the policies and procedures we use to contract with those who serve the University, including vendors and consultants and our approach to educational and instructional programming.

The CUNY and CUCF Procurement Conference is just one significant example of how our diversity and inclusion philosophy translates into policy, procedures and the creation of new business opportunities for all vendors, especially minority, women and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

All in one room, all on one day, you will be able to navigate contract opportunities available from The City University of New York, its 25 campuses, the City University Construction Fund and numerous private sector businesses, many under contract to CUNY and CUCF. In addition, you will learn more about new opportunities in real estate and potential teaming opportunities to help you grow your business.

    About CUNY

    The City University of New York is the nation’s largest urban public university, a transformative engine of social mobility that is a critical component of the lifeblood of New York City.

    Founded in 1847 as the nation’s first free public institution of higher education, CUNY today has 25 colleges spread across New York City’s five boroughs, serving 243,000 degree-seeking students of all ages and awarding 55,000 degrees each year. More than 80 percent of the University’s graduates stay in New York, contributing to all aspects of the city’s economic, civic and cultural life and diversifying the city’s workforce in every sector.

    The University’s historic mission continues to this day: provide a public first-rate education to all students, regardless of means or background. The mission of The City University of New York is embodied in state education law, Article 125, Section 6201, as the finding and intent of the New York State Legislature. Here is the text of the law.

      About CUCF

      The City University Construction Fund (CUCF) is a public benefit corporation established in 1966 by the New York State Legislature, known as the City University Construction Fund Act. The Mission of CUCF is to manage the resources necessary for the design and construction of space required to support the educational mandate of CUNY. A seven-member Board of Trustees governs the CUCF’s programs. The CUCF's performance standards are:

      • Design and Build cost effective high quality capacity to meet the long term needs of the University System.

      • Ensure the maximum use of energy efficient green technology in designing new buildings and in the replacement of existing building systems.

      • Maintain the highest standards of business integrity and financial accountability through good management and internal control systems.

      • Establish and maintain analytic processes to identify the budgetary requirements necessary to support the infrastructure needs of the individual colleges.

      • Implement and maintain a successful Minority and Women – Owned Business Enterprise Program.